A Final Letter to Our Best Friend




I sit here writing this to you with a heart that is absolutely broken. The tears will not stop coming. Every time I think I am going to be ok I walk by the window and see your little grave in the back yard and lose it all over again. We want you to know that we would give anything to get to hug and snuggle you just one more time. You were our best friend for 10 years, our first baby.




Anyone who ever met you knows you weren’t the easiest dog to live with at times. With your OCD personality, constant honking when you wanted something, and need to be on our laps 24/7, but we would give anything to hear that honk again. That honking was something we thought was so annoying at the time, but now the silence in our house without it is unbearable.



You loved car rides, golf cart rides, swimming, the beach, EATING, but more than anything you just wanted to be with us. You loved us more than life. You were the most loving snuggly cuddly dog in the entire world. You had so much love in your heart. You got an X-ray once and the doctor literally told us you had an enlarged heart. I don’t know how we are ever going to be able to move on with our everyday lives without you. You have been by our side 24/7 for the last ten years. You will remain in our hearts and our conversations until we get to join you in heaven.





We are so happy that you got to spend some time with Lila before you passed away. Nobody could make her laugh like you. You were so good with her. You accepted her as part of the family from day one and made it your mission to protect her and make sure she was ok. We want to apologize to you for anytime we got frustrated with you or too busy to show you enough attention and love. Humans tend to get busy and caught up with things in life, only to find out later that they were putting all their time and energy in to things that weren’t even important. If humans were more like you the world would be a perfect place. It would be a place full of love where people put others needs ahead of their own.





We know you have had health issues for many years and we thank you so much for fighting so hard to stay with us as long as you did. You were absolutely the toughest little boy. You never cried when you got shots, or sand spurs, or even when you had to go to the vet when you couldn’t breathe all those times. We will cherish all the great years we got to have with you forever.




Please know that you have always meant the world to us and we will never forget you.

Rest in Peace Oliver Bartlebee Robinson We will love you forever

October 14, 2008-February 12, 2018




February 16, 2018 From Mom

Oliver, you were absolutely the love and joy in my life.  I wanted a Pomeranian puppy more than anything.  Your dad and I searched everywhere for the perfect one.  One day, your grammie Ree sent me a picture of you in the pet store at Chapel Hill mall.  I begged your dad to take me to meet you.  We fell in absolute LOVE with you.  You were pricey but your dad wanted to make me the happiest girl on earth so he bought you as my Christmas present.  We brought you home and have spent the last 10 years loving you.  You have been with me everywhere.  All the places I’ve lived, all the car rides and road trips  we have taken, trips to the lake, trips to the beach, trips to the park, and so much more.  I’ve snuck you into so many hotels and resorts because where I went, you went.  You were the BEST snuggler.  You always knew just how to cheer me up when times were tough.  It could have been the worst day, but you would be at home waiting for me with your tail wagging ready for a big hug and kiss.  You were my lap dog.  I treated you like my human baby because you were my baby.  I cherish every moment with you.

I have dreaded this day for years.  Even the thought of losing you in the past brought tears to my eyes.  I’m so sorry you have had all the medical issues.  We have been with you through each one and would pay anything to fix it.  We thought this time was just another vet visit that we got you to before it was too late but turns out it was just your time.  I’m so glad you waited until you got home with me to take your last breath.  You knew where you wanted to go and that I had to be with you.

My heart will never be as full as it was when you were alive.  I will live each day missing you and thinking of you.  Everything I do, I will think, I wish little O could be here with us because that’s how you grew up, always with us.  I miss the snuggles, the honks, the bolts, the spins, the eye boogers, the snorts, the farts, the stinky breath, the seal feet, and just your overall presence because you were the MOST loving and loyal dog to me.  The loss of you is going to take some serious time to get over, and we will never fully be over it.

We are so glad you got to meet baby Lila.  You loved her.  You were so protective of her.  You would cry if she cried…and you NEVER cried.  You would growl at us if we got too close to her face.  All along we thought you’d be protective of me when she came, but you wanted to protect her.  I’m so sorry if you ever felt like attention was taken from you.  Please know that was NOT our intention.  We welcomed a new member to our family and there were a lot of changes but our love for you never changed.  We will continue to live thinking of you each day.  We will tell all your glorious stories to Lila because you were part of each event in our lives.  We love you with all our heart and soul, and we hope that you are in doggy heaven “bolting” around with your bones and ropes eating all the best treats there could be.  You are our forever love, little O, Ollie, Peanut, Oliver Bartlebee Robinson, our fur baby.


Your Mom ❤



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