Lila is born, and the Journey Begins

Wow where do I begin. I have never considered being a blogger before, or blogging…or writing for any reason other than to get a passing grade in school. Usually a C + or better was good enough for me. Just good enough to keep me from getting grounded, and to keep me eligible for sports. Not good enough for my mom, but good enough for me. In high school at least. I will admit in college I got my act together, and my GPA way up. Due in large part to the fact that the girl I had my eyes on in college had already graduated, and I wanted nothing more than to impress her, graduate ahead of schedule so that we could begin a life together, and make her mine for life. I suppose that’s where our story begins. (More on this later)

The reason I decided to become a “blogger” AKA write my thoughts instead of just think them, is because my wife and I recently just had our first baby. She is a beautiful girl named Lila Marie, and she is half my world. I know the saying is supposed to read “My whole world”, but in my world my beautiful wife has earned at least half. Probably more. I decided to journal my thoughts and stories because I never want to forget a moment that we share with this little nugget. Wow blogging is actually really easy. I wrote this in about 5 minutes and I am actually MAKING myself stop writing. Who says gym teachers cant be (Good?) writers.

Follow my blog to get first hand storytelling of what it is like to be a new dad. Lila is only 7 months old and I already have more stories than I can count that are beyond hilarious. There are so many MOM BLOGGERS, and trust me I have so much respect for moms, but I think its time a new dad showed the world his side of the story.

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Thanks for reading!



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